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About us

About us

'High quality and reliable products, advanced service concept' is entrepreneurial business philosophy of  TOPSCIEN for many years. Technologyis always core competence for TOPSCIEN. There are currently more than 100 technician engaged in R&D programs. Besides, its production plants totallyhave approximately l.200 technicians. The R&D headquarter in Canada includes three research institutes. Meanwhile, TOPSCIEN also establishesoverseas research institutions in the United States, China and Singapore.These research institutions will further strengthen the cooperation and be dedicated to technological innovation and development of new products. They strive to make research and development to be the 'accelerator of reformation' and 'source of creation in growing' for TOPSCIEN. They also actively promote cooperation in basic and applied research with internationally renowned universities and research institutes. as well as actively promoting the development of globalization.

Its research areas are related to information communication technology.laboratory equipment the design and development of hospital equipment.etc Around the field of the core technology of TOPSCIEN. the membercompany was founded in the city of Ningbo in 2010. which sales laboratory

TOPSCIEN BRAND                
Laboratory Iiquid handling Instrument R&D
 TOPSCIEN  Instrument (Ningbo) Co., Ltd 15 mainly dedicated to the development of various kinds of laboratory Iiquid handling products for the world brand of  TOPSCIEN. It aims to play the Ieading role in the development of Iiquid handling product of TOPSCIEN globalization.
Its current mainly products which are micropipette,pipette controller,pipette pump,centrifuge,micro mixer,Iaboratory and medical supplies
it constantly develops new product and refines on production technology to perfectly meet the legislature , scientific research institutes,the environmental protection department and customers ' requirements.
Add:No.8 Donggong One Road. Dongguangindustrial park. Jiangshan .Ningbo.China Tel:86-574-56120576
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